Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum 2022

11th - 12th June 2022

This year's Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum, ‘A Climate Reset', seeks to reset and recalibrate our responses to the climate crisis. Through understanding it as an inevitable reckoning produced by long term systemic inequalities, we can address a wider network of intersecting injustices and create transformational solutions. We want to emphasise creativity and diverse voices in sustainability, centering intersectionality and looking outside the Western narrative.

The Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum is a two day annual event aimed at increasing awareness of climate change, through a variety of panels and showcases. It is organised by a group of 10 University of Cambridge students, with the support of Cambridge Hub.

Global Climate Strike 2019
The Global Climate Strike held in 2019, as seen on King's Parade. Source: Varsity.

Our Impact Statement

We want to reach out to students in Cambridge and create new and diverse responses to the climate crisis. Through inspiring individuals who may not be involved with sustainability while simultaneously sparking new conversations among the more experienced, we plan to kickstart a new generation of student activists. We want to talk about change on a local, Cambridge based level as well as speaking broadly about systemic, national and global systems.

Join us in stimulating panel discussions on Decolonising Climate Responses, Cambridge-Based Activism and Representing the Climate Crisis Creatively. Some of our most prestigious speakers make up the list of CLIMATE 100 – the world’s most influential people in climate policy. Together, we aim to share knowledge, discuss strategies and take action towards overcoming the current environmental and climate crisis we find ourselves in.

Previous Years: 2021 ; 2019 ; 2018


Save the date: the forum will be held on the 11th & 12th of June 2022 at the Cambridge Union! We will be having an exciting line-up of speakers, a Green Fair showcasing local sustainability initiatives, an exhibition, short film screenings and a stimulating discussion on ecocide. Regularly check our website, Facebook page and Instagram @ccsf_camhub to stay up-to-date.

Cambridge Union
Interior of the Cambridge Union. Source: The Cambridge Union.

What is the Green Fair? The Green Fair is a showcase of sustainable initiatives and organisations in Cambridge, from student societies to volunteering opportunities and activist groups. It’s a chance to chat with the groups and find out what they do, in an informal setting. It will run 11:30- 12:30 pm on 12th June, on the second day of the Forum.

We’ve got a great lineup of Green Fair participants already, including Cambridge Young Greens, Extinction Rebellion and Platonic Films!

To find out more about our speakers and Green Fair Initiatives, please click on the buttons below. Alternatively, download a PDF here: Speakers Program

Timings are according to British Summer Time (BST). A PDF of the timetable can be found here: Timetable

11th June

9:30am Arrival and Introduction by Committee
10:00am Opening Keynote: Robin Millington
CEO, Planet Tracker
10:30am Panel Discussion: Decolonising Climate Responses
  • - Amali Tower: Founder of Climate Refugees
  • - Erica Bower: Independent Climate Change Displacement Specialist
  • - Mohammed Adjei Sowah: Former Mayor of Accra, Ghana
  • - Neeshad Shafi: Environmental and Climate Expert in the Gulf, Middle East and Co-Founder of Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar
12:00pm Lunch
12:45pm Short Film Screenings
1:30pm Panel Discussion: Cambridge-Based Activism
  • - Jason Scott-Warren: Fellow and Climate Activist
  • - Laura Bea: PhD Student and Specialist Policy Officer
  • - Ben James: Founder of Cambridge Climate Society
  • - Cambridge Climate Justice Representative
3:00pm Cakes by Thrive
3:30pm Discussion: Should Ecocide be the 5th International Crime?
  • - JoJo Mehta: Executive Director of Stop Ecocide International
  • - Kevin Jon Heller: Professor of International Law
  • - Nabil Ahmed: Scholar, Writer and Founder of INTERPRT
4:30pm Day 1 Closing Keynote: Fehinti Balogun
Actor, Theatre Maker and Activist
5:00pm End of Day 1

12th June

9:30am Arrival and Introduction by Committee
10:00am Panel Discussion: Representing the Climate Crisis Creatively
  • - Finn Harries: Co-founder of Earthrise Studio, Filmmaker and Designer
  • - Leah Borromeo: Co-founder of Disobedient Films, Journalist and Filmmaker
  • - Nicole Itano: Global Recovery Collective Director, Communications and Campaigns Leader
  • - Baroness Lola Young: Emeritus Professor and Independent Member to the House of Lords
11:30am Green Fair
The Green Fair showcases sustainable initiatives and organisations in Cambridge.
12:30pm Closing Keynote: Husna Ahmad
CEO of Global One 2015
1:00pm End of Day 2
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Our Team
Please feel free to contact any members of the team for any inquiries.
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Abi Brown
Deputy Coordinator
Isabella Shorrock
Speakers Officer
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Speakers Officer
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Publicity Officer
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