Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum 2021

4th & 5th June 2021

The previous century has seen human activity expand into almost every corner of the world. From the ocean depths to the ozone layer, it once seemed as though human advancement knew no bounds, that we could continue developing and expanding indefinitely. However, the events of the past year have, at least momentarily, brought this acceleration to a standstill, and provided an opportunity for us to reflect on the fallout from our policies and lifestyle choices that prioritise extraction over sustainability.

“With this restart, a window of hope and opportunity opens… an opportunity for nations to green their recovery packages and shape the 21st century economy in ways that are clean, green, healthy, safe and more resilient” – UN Climate Chief

How can we rebuild a more sustainable and equitable world?
This year’s Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum, ‘Sustainability in Action’, explores the ways in which change can be enacted at each level of society, examining how individual, community-led and governmental efforts can contribute towards a brighter future. We will explore how individual actions can support a more sustainable future; how local initiatives and social projects are organising to develop green communities, and how local, national and international policy can tackle the environmental and climate crisis at a systemic level. This year’s forum aims to guide and inform anyone and everyone who’s interested in making a difference right now.

Join us in stimulating panel discussions on topics such as Eco-Cities, Sustainable Policy, Circular Economy, Clean Energy, Sustainable Agriculture, Empowerment & Campaigning and more. Some of our most prestigious speakers make up the list of CLIMATE 100 – The world’s most influential people in climate policy. Together, we aim to share knowledge, discuss strategies and take action towards overcoming the current environmental and climate crisis we find ourselves in.

Previous Years: 2019 ; 2018

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Save the date: the forum will be held on the 4th & 5th of June 2021! We have an exciting line-up of speakers from around the world, workshops from local organisations actively engaging in sustainability, expert panels and discussions on environmental mitigation and the possibilities to help the climate in every aspect of our lives. Regularly check our website and Facebook page to stay up-to-date!

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4th June

*Timings are according to British Summer Time (BST).
10:00am Opening Speech - Professor Anthony Nyong
CLIMATE 100, Director for Climate Change and Green Growth, African Development Bank Group
10:30am Panel Discussion: Biodiversity & Climate Change
(running in parallel with Empowerment & Campaigning)
  • - Dr Ed Turner: Conservation scientist, insect specialist and palm oil researcher
  • - Duncan Mackay: President of the Cambridge Natural History Society
  • - Jonathan Shanklin: Meteorologist, recently retired from the British Antarctic Survey, where Jonathan made the discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole
Panel Discussion: Empowerment & Campaigning
(running in parallel with Biodiversity & Climate Change)
  • - Tungsten Tang & Kam Galloway: Tungsten: Undergraduate Co-chair of the CUSU Ethical Affairs Campaign, which increases the awareness of social and environmental issues around campus and aids student campaigns. Kam: Climate Justice Campaigns Officer under CUSU Ethical Affairs.
  • - Harvey Brown: Undergraduate co-chair of the CUSU Ethical Affairs Campaign and active member of the Jesus College Climate Justice Campaign
  • - Dr Neeshad Shafi: CLIMATE 100, Co-Founder of Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar
  • - Dr Saurabh Gupta: Founder of Earth5R, citizen-led program “ACT Global”, Action, Collaboration, Transformation.
  • - Agnes Hall: Renewable Energy, Campaigns Director from
12:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Panel Discussion: Sustainable Agriculture
  • - Prof Howard Griffiths: Professor of Plant Ecology and leader of the Cambridge Global Food Security Interdisciplinary Research Centre
  • - Dr Fabiano de Andrade Correa: Lawyer and international consultant, and serves as Lead Counsel for the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL), Peace, Justice and Governance Programmes.
  • - Duncan Catchpole: Founder and owner of the Cambridge Organic Food Company and Cambridge Food Hub
  • - Kefeshe Bernard: Undergraduate Cambridge student, intersectional climate justice activist, and blogger about veganism and sustainability
4:00pm Panel Discussion: Eco-Cities
(running in parallel with From Awareness to Action)
  • - Director Debbie Raphael: CLIMATE 100, Director of the San Francisco Department of the Environment
  • - Mayor Mohamed Sefiani: CLIMATE 100, Mayor of Chefchaouen, Morocco (Unfortunately unable to attend)
  • - Trude Rauken: Interim Director, Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance
  • - Taylor Leigh Cannizzaro, Plastic Bank: Recycling, Circular Economy
  • - Luisa Deragon: Co-founder & CEO of RE.USE (CCSF 2021 Coordinator and guest speaker filling in for Mayor Mohamed Sefiani)
Panel Discussion: From Awareness to Action
(running in parallel with Eco-cities)
  • - Rhiannon Osborne: Independent commissioner on the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Independent Commission on Climate
  • - Dr Hannah Charlotte Copley: Campaigner on the Climate and Ecological Emergencies, and the intersection between social justice and climate justice. Recently elected Green Party Cambridge City Councillor, and medical doctor and researcher.
  • - Dr Hayley Pinto: Co-founder of CHAIN (Climate Hope Action in Norfolk – a local awareness raising and lobbying group), a speaker for Greenpeace and a member of Doctors for Extinction Rebellion, PsychDeclares and HealthDeclares.
  • - Lulu Agate: Volunteer with Cambridge Friends of the Earth
5th June

*Timings are according to British Summer Time (BST).
10:00am Panel Discussion: Sustainable Policy
(running in parallel with Circular Economy & Clean Energy)
  • - Rosanna Jackson: Carbon Trust; policy design (Asian markets)
  • - Dr Peter Pope & Kath McGuire: Kath: Educator and active member of Doughnut Economics Cambridge; Peter: Retired physicist and permaculture advocate
  • - Prof. Naoko Ishii: CLIMATE 100, Professor and executive vice president at the University of Tokyo, where she is also the inaugural director for the Center for Global Commons
Panel Discussion: Circular Economy & Clean Energy
(running in parallel with Sustainable Policy)
  • - Manav Khanna: PhD student on circular economy: Management in Innovation; Sustainability; Healthcare; CO2 emissions
  • - Tom Howes: Head of the Energy and Environment Division at the International Energy Agency (IEA). Currently, liaising with COP26 and UN parties and the IEA's work on CCUS technology policy.
11:30am Green Fair
The Green Fair showcases initiatives in Cambridge that has sustainability related targets. This event will be held online via Zoom.
12:30pm Closing Speech - Dr Jyoti Kirit Parikh
CLIMATE 100, Executive Director, Integrated Research and Action for Development
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