Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Festival 2019
Affecting Every Existence

16th February, 2019
The Fisher Building, St. John's College

CCSF 2019 : Affecting Every Existence
The Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Festival is a one-day annual festival organised by a group of Cambridge University students and run in partnership with the Cambridge Hub. The Festival is aimed at increasing awareness of climate change, sustainability and 21st Century environmental challenges, and most importantly motivating people to take unilateral and collective action.

At this year’s festival we hope to spin strands of hope into a tale woven over the years with warnings and prophecies of doom. Our theme, “Affecting Every Existence”, aims to engage the audience on how climate change can and will affect each one of us but that every one of us can save countless lives by playing our part in giving back to Mother Nature.
Save the date: the forum will be held on the 16th February 2019! We have an exciting line-up of speakers from around the world, workshops from local organisations actively engaging in sustainability, expert panels and discussions on environmental mitigation and the possibilities to help the climate in every aspect of our lives.

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The following is a list of the prestigious speakers who will speak at the Festival! Click on a speaker's name to view their profile: Craig Bennet , Tony Juniper CBE , Professor John King, Dr. Marco Springmann , Dr. Olivia Casaneuva , Dr. Claire Wordley , Rachel Pimm , Dr. Cameron Brick , Mark Crutchley ,Toni Rogers , Nicola Terry and Sir Andy Haines.

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11:00am Opening Speech: Tony Juniper CBE
Environment and Society
11:30am Professor John King: The Impact of Polar Climate Change on our Planet
12:00pm Panel: A Closer Look at Scientific Consequences
Speakers include:
  • - Health: Dr Olivia Casanueva
  • - Food Security: Dr Marco Springmann - Future of Food, University of Oxford
  • - Biodiversity: Dr Claire Wordley - Conservation Institute, University of Cambridge

1:00pm Lunch and Workshops
An informal round-robin of stalls throughout, including: Cambridge Greenpeace, #onelessCambridge, Positive Investment Cambridge, UCL Climate Action Society
1:00pm Full Circle Workshop
Ethical Consumerism: What are the best alternatives to single-use plastics?
1:45pm Living Lab Workshop
Real opportunities for Cambridge students to improve sustainability
Lunch is provided at a reduced rate by our partners Nanna Mex and Stem & Glory - just show your wristband to get the discount!
2:30pm Collaborative discussion: A Sustainable Future
Speakers include:
  • - Art: Rachel Pimm
  • - Health: Professor Andy Haines
  • - Psychology: Dr Cameron Brick
  • - Education: Toni Rodgers
  • - Community Action: Nicola Terry (Transition Cambridge)
  • - Charity: Mark Crutchley (Greenpeace)

4:00pm Break with video

4:30pm Closing speech: Craig Bennet: CEO Friends of the Earth

Please join us for networking drinks until 5:30pm in the Fisher Building, St John's College

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Tickets are available for £5 (Student) and £7 (Non-Student) with no additional fees . Please remember to bring valid student ID if purchasing a student ticket (e.g.: CamCard)!

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